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Did you know: Chris Evans gets panic attacks. Yes, he does. This is one reason why he’s very private and didn’t really do any meet-and-greets on the Avengers’ sets.

It amazes and inspired me that a man who does what he does can do it, even with an anxiety disorder. You go, Chris.

This is why I get so upset when I hear negative comments about Chris and how he doesn’t seem as out-going as the rest of the Avengers cast. I remember hearing people complain about how he’s ‘rude’ and the like and it’s sad, because I highly doubt he intends to come off that way, he’s just more reserved than the others.

I remember hearing once that he actually went to seek psychiatric help before accepting the role of Captain America because of how anxious he felt regarding it. As well as the fact that he already played another Marvel superhero and he was concerned how comic fans would react to his playing another hero in that universe.

Just because someone’s in the entertainment industry doesn’t mean they’re going to be incredibly outgoing off camera just as much as they appear to be on camera. Some people just really enjoy acting; they’re not the characters they portray nor are they like their costars nor are they going to be incredibly outgoing because of their choice of career.

In all honesty, Chris’ openness about his anxiety is one of the most important things about him. You take a man who looks like Chris, and who is as successful as Chris, and that he is so frank about the fact that he has anxiety. This man, this wonderful man, destroys the idea that only certain people with certain lifestyles have anxiety, he destroys the notion that you are not allowed to seek help if you are in a position of privlege. And that he does so so gracefully and earnestly, is SO IMPORTANT. When was the last time a huge A-lister came out and admitted to having anxiety? Admitting to their own insecurities being so strong they needed to seek therapy? Chris Evans is not just a good looking talented guy, he is a confirmation that it’s okay to have anxiety, that all people—even the ones who look like they have everything—can experience this kind of thing. And that message is reaching hundreds of thousands of fans, including kids who are going to grow up with anxiety. Chris Evans is SO IMPORTANT YOU GUYS.

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